A place to grow

We value the learning environment at Pingree.

Pingree is flexible and responsive to the needs fulfilled by our classroom and educational resource spaces, study areas, and facilities.

Flexible spaces

Through continual review, Pingree will create dynamic, flexible, quiet, varied, outdoor, and forward-thinking learning and social spaces.

A nimble environment

We will develop programs that care for and utilize our campus, making Pingree a nimble and aspirational environment for growth and reflection.

“Pingree campus is a place that’s full of life. There are so many trees, there’s so much beauty. It’s a home, and Pingree is a home for every individual who goes here.”

Grace O’Meara

“Pingree has become a really safe space for me. A space to grow but also a second home where I can really feel comfortable and look forward to going to everyday.”

Colette Combs

“Pingree works really hard at making this place feel welcoming for anyone and everyone. People are friendly and genuine; they really want to get to know you”

Arlynn Polletta
Theater Director

Key priorities to build an environment for growth and reflection

Learning Spaces

Utilize the Campus Master Plan to enhance learning and social spaces around campus

Increase Revenue

Enhance auxiliary programs to introduce the broader community to Pingree and increase revenue from non-tuition sources.


Define, expand, and measure environmental sustainability and stewardship efforts

Campus Improvement

Develop and prioritize PPRRSM and campus project list, utilizing the Campus Master Plan.