We are a progressive place for deep learning, reflection, and personal growth.

As education evolves, Pingree is committed to providing the time and space to reflect, adapt, and lead.

Thinking differently

We will focus on wellness and the cultivation of routines that prepare students and adults to reflect, thrive in ambiguity, solve problems, cultivate empathy, and think differently.

Learning at a healthy pace

The Pingree educational environment will demonstrate that learning at a healthy pace involves the curious examination and integration of ideas, values, skills, and creative expression.

“Pingree is a very active place. There are things happening all the time. But we make an effort to find time in the day for ourselves and for wellness.”

Arlynn Polletta
Theater Director

“This is a really transformative time in [a student’s] life. They’re trying to figure out who they are and who they want to be.”

David Hamilton
Science Teacher

“I think the pace of Pingree is a very rigorous pace, it’s fast moving. But I think that each student is challenged to find a pace that works for them.”

Grace O’Meara

Key priorities to set the pace for health and wellness

Love of Learning

Foster a love of learning and joy in all program initiatives

Individual Development

Evaluate methods and timing of assessments with a focus on individual development

Higher-Ed Partnerships

Address the external factors that contribute to challenges with pace; partner with colleges and universities


Revisit the calendar to identify opportunities for thoughtful consideration of responsibilities and events

Wellness Programs

Develop clear and explicit wellness programming for both students and adults

Health and Technology

Consider how technology enhances and/or hinders a healthy pace at school

School Spirit

Dedicate time and resources to support school spirit and community


Acknowledge the tireless efforts of our students, faculty, and staff