Putting People First

We are a community committed fully to the intellectual and personal growth of our students, faculty, and staff.

We pursue our mission through the passion, diversity, and dedication of all community members.

Funding for Programs

Pingree will endow access funding for families, comprehensive academic programs for students, and benefits for faculty and staff.

Inclusive Culture

We will advance our commitment to inclusivity and cultivate in students a passion for challenge with curiosity, creativity, and confidence.

“Pingree has given me confidence because of the inclusive and welcoming community, and just the wonderful people who are here.”

Collette Combs

“I can think of no institution that is as fully engaged in relationship-building and maintenance as this school is.”

Buddy Taft
Major Gifts Officer, Past Parent

“This is a fantastic place to work and form close friendships. But the glue that keeps us all here are the students.”

Eric Olson
Mathematics Department Chair, Past Parent

Key priorities to strengthen relationships and build community

Grow Endowment

Grow endowment to ensure financial flexibility within the operating budget

Increase Scholarships

Advance commitment to enrolling promising students of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds

Competitive Benefits

Utilize human resources to track and communicate competitive compensation and benefits plans

Diversity and Inclusion

Further commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and equity by assessing efforts and measuring progress in people, policies, and program

Health and Wellness

Prioritize health, wellness, reflection, and personal growth for the students and adults in our community.

Faculty Leadership

Develop teachers and school leaders from all backgrounds. Sustain the Pingree Fellowship Program.